Ribbons Information

Select from three thermal ribbons formulas to meet your application’s needs:

Wax ribbons
• Wax ribbons. This range is suitable for printing on paper materials. It can be used on coated and some uncoated materials. It is also appropriate for some synthetics receivers. Image durability is acceptable especially when there is no physicalcontact or where the image life is short term. (Ex, shipping labels)

Wax/resin ribbons
• Wax-resin ribbons. This range of ribbons has high performance on coated papers and synthetics materials. Image durability is excellent when physical contact with labels occur regularly. It has good resistance to mild chemicals and smudge. Typical applications include pharmaceutical labels.

Resin ribbons
• Resin ribbons. These ribbons are recommended for synthetic label materials. They provide ultimate resistance to heat, abrasion and many chemicals. Image durability is excellent especially when there is regular physical contact with the printed label.


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