Policarbonate Labels & Tags


Control Panels

  • Our polycarbonate labels are ideal for control panels. They can be customized with internal perforations and clear areas for light indicators.


Prototype labels

  • The polycarbonate adhesive labels can be produced in small quantities and in any format to be used indoors and outdoors.


Coatings instruments/dashboard paneling

  • This material is used in control instruments, electrical and electronic products/appliances that require high quality and durability.


Identification Plates/Nameplates

  • Our labels for identification plates/nameplate are printed below the surface and printing remains protected. They are also resistant to abrasion.


Warnings and safety instructions

  • Printing is unchanged and the adhesive is permanent. They are resistant labels that remain in very good condition after years.


Electrical appliances

  • The ECO UV Digital printing allows adding all the needed information, making it possible to print numbers, barcodes and useful variable information for equipment traceability or making an inventory.



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