Labels in Rolls

Our company specializes in product identification and develops solutions to a fundamental step in the industrial productive process that is The Labeling.

Why You Should Be Using Roll Labels in Your Products?

Roll Thermal Tranfer LabelThe labels that are mostly used in labeling processes are manufactured in rolls. This presentation is used in automatic labeling and facilitates manual application. We count on a wide range of papers and films to reprint through thermal transference printers to meet any kind of market demand.

The advantages of the labels in rolls compared to other types of presentations are the following: facilitate product transportation, storage, conservation and durability.

Once the measures and shapes are determined, the following features have to be defined:

  1. The way the labels are unrolled (there are 8 standard ways for labels in rolls according to the way they are applied) (Note: include a drawing with the eight alternative  Roll Labels in and out
  2. The internal size of the pipe (core). Standard measures are 1″ y 3″
  3. The external size of the rolls that will be determined by the quantity of labels and the capacity of the equipment that will process them during reprinting or labeling


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