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New Updates in Madiwor MIS

We have improved our interface for label specifications sheets. Based on research and customer´s feedback analysis, we have introduce some improvements to the design and label´s data layout.

Label Manufacturing Cost Analysis

Madiwor Cloud MIS allows you to quote a product and know what is your cost to manufacture it. Madiwor is a system for managing the processes of a label manufacturer.

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Madiwor provides perfect and flawless compatibility between all platforms.

Digital tools are transforming the labelling industry, impacting aspects of production across the field, including output efficiency, customisation and capabilities. Ceri Jones asks whether converters can afford to ignore the digital movement, particularly in such a competitive climate.

Madiwor Cloud MIS is a high-end SaaS solution focused on the core business processes of a label manufacturer or converter and designed to be a high-end automation solution that can be implemented easily.

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