Policarbonate Labels


Polycarbonate tags can be the best choice for industrial use because they are resistant to intensive use, are not torn or marked, are used as nameplates, prototypes, and tools covering/dashboard paneling.

Control-PanelsControl Panels

Our polycarbonate labels are ideal for control panels. They can be customized with internal perforations and clear areas for light indicators.



Prototype labels

Prototype labels

The polycarbonate adhesive labels can be produced in small quantities and in any format to be used indoors and outdoors.



Coatings instruments/dashboard paneling

Coatings instruments/dashboard paneling

This material is used in control instruments, electrical and electronic products/appliances that require high quality and durability.




Identification Plates/Nameplates


Identification Plates/Nameplates

Our labels for identification plates/nameplate are printed below the surface and printing remains protected. They are also resistant to abrasion.




Electrical appliances

Electrical appliances

The ECO UV Digital printing allows adding all the needed information, making it possible to print numbers, barcodes and useful variable information for equipment traceability or making an inventory.



Warnings and safety instructions

Warnings and safety instructions

 Printing is unchanged and the adhesive is permanent. They are resistant labels that remain in very good condition after years.





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The Importance of Color

The Importance of Color in Corporate Image and Products

Making the decision on which colors identify a company and its
products is a complex task. One of the key steps in creating a company’s image will be to choose the colors that represent it and that will help customers to pick PANTONEthose products. Colors help differentiate goods and services from each other.
Color has a communicative, expressive and symbolic function. Its use seeks to attract attention in order raise the interest of consumers. It is a source of information and identification of products and services that serves to improve its positioning in the market. It conveys feelings and desires and influences the perception that individuals have about different products and services.


Depending on its use, color serves to identify, warn, constrain and locate. Color is an important element in visual communication that associates the brand with certain features of the merchandise. It has an impact on the Printing Labels 331corporation’s image and helps define different business styles. Perceptions about products are predominantly driven by its use. Color reflects the relationship between consumers and the real world.


will be on all communicational materials such as bills, cards, labels, logos, website, brochures, folders, presentation letters and so on. The choice of color accompanies the life of the company’s brand; its selection is influenced by the cultural environment and the meaning that each society attributes to those colors.

“Color causes a psychological vibration. Color hides a still unknown but real power that acts in every part of the human body” – Wassily Kandinsky, painter (1866-1944).