Things to Consider When Making a Label

To select the facestock, adhesive, topcoat and liner, the following aspects should be considered

logo_petComposition This relates to the surface type. The general rule is that the bigger the surface energy the higher the bond strength. The elements of high surface energy, where labels adhere easily, are PET, glass and metals. On the other side, we find that polyethylene LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) is for using on low-energy surfaces with lesser grip.

ambienteEnvironmental Conditions Labels will need to be evaluated if they will be used for indoors or outdoors. Their resistance to different temperatures and conditions must also be assessed.

forma-envaseShape and texture The specific type of label used will depend upon shape and texture of the product’s containers. For example, label types will vary if the container is smooth, waved, painted, corrugated, opaque, or bright.


Expected usage There will be an expected usage of the labels. For example, a label used for fast food will not be the same as a label used for a fire extinguisher or a product with a three year warranty.

tamanioDimensions There should always be a proportional relationship between the label’s size and shape and the contents it must contain.


reimpresionVariable printed Self-adhesive labels can be printed by customers with varying information. These labels are specially manufactured for use in direct laser printers, inkjet, or thermal printing.

colorFinish The amount of colors used often determines the print type


laminadoTopcoat Topcoat will be applied depending on labels uses.


rolloApplying labels Labels may be supplied in rolls, sheets, or fanfold depending on their use. They can also be applied manually or automatically. Thorough testing is always recommended to ensure that the correct label stock and adhesives are used.

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