Eggs Labeling

What You Should Know about Eggs Labeling

Shell eggs

  • Definition: eggs means shell eggs of domesticated chickens
  • Regulations and labeling requirements

Eggs NutritionFacts

The above labeling must be on the principal display panel.

All labeling must be truthful and in accordance with the facts.

A producer selling eggs of his own production directly to consumers is exempt from grade and size labeling requirements. Leakers, blood spots, meat spots and other type of loss may not be sold for human consumption.

Eggs must be refrigerated at retail and maintained at an internal temperature of 45ºf or below.

Source identification is already required by the health department on all eggs in institutions, restaurant, etc. Federal law requires producers with 3,000 birds or more, or anyone packing eggs of other than their own production to be registered in accordance with the egg products inspection act of 1970.

Eggs other than from the domesticated chicken must be labeled according to the facts. There are no official grades or size classifications at present for other types of eggs. Federal law requires all eggs to be refrigerated and held at 45ºf or below immediately after packing, including during transportation.


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