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Adhesive Labels

Custom Adhesive Labels Adhesive Labels. We work with different materials to be used in many applications. The group of adhesives and substrates is a really complete one and it meets all thermal and environmental needs. Learn More Self adhesive paper. Paper…

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Labels in Rolls

Our company specializes in product identification and develops solutions to a fundamental step in the industrial productive process that is The Labeling.


Food Labels

When searching for high-quality custom sticker and food label printing O Labels is here for you. Our printing press produces vivid and sharp food product labels for all types of specialty food. Custom food labels are a must for catching the consumer’s attention. The quality of your labels can determine the success of your food product. At OLabels we work to ensure that your food labels and stickers will be just as excellent, if not better, as those of major food labels.

Food Labels


Custom Food Labels

The Custom Food Labels Specialists


Eggs Labeling

Shell eggs

Definition: eggs means shell eggs of domesticated chickens

Regulations and labeling requirements

Food Labels

Olabels can help and guide you through the process of selection of selecting different print options.


Label Construction.

When labeling a product or service, it is important to consider certain technical aspects in order to avoid any issues. Below is a brief description of the most important factors to be taken into account when tagging a product. Self-adhesive…

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Things to Consider When Making a Label To select the facestock, adhesive, topcoat and liner, the following aspects should be considered Composition This relates to the surface type. The general rule is that the bigger the surface energy the higher…

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